What we do!

Wholesnap.com is a blog project that focuses specifically on the games and entertainment community ( comics, manga, anime, movies). The project is privately run by gamers and fans who also live out their hobby away from consoles or comics.

We provide you with the latest game, hardware and comic news including tests, previews, pictures, videos, and trailers, as well as reports on the latest events and much more. To be always up-to-date, we work directly with the game publishers, receive first-hand information, constantly search the Internet for new reports, and publish our own reports. We focus on the really important and interesting news and not on being able to publish most articles in one day or individual screenshots or hours of gameplay videos. After all, you want to enjoy a game yourself at some point.

Reserved Comments

We welcome comments, criticism, questions, and suggestions. However, we ask you to speak only on a topic, respect the opinions of others, avoid vulgar or offensive language, illegal content or personal information. Another important aspect, however, is the tone, especially for criticism, which is often offensive, aggressive and completely inappropriate.

We also reserve the right to edit or delete comments at our sole discretion. This is a moderated blog, i.e. comments are constantly checked for their content. We review your comments several times a day, so please do not resubmit your comment if it is not published immediately.

Apology for the advertising

Yes, advertising on the Internet can be quite annoying, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work without it. This is also the case with us, whereby we are constantly striving to design the user experience as optimally as possible. Such a project costs a lot of time and of course also money, which is why we cannot do without certain revenues through advertising. However, we dissociate ourselves from dubious offers or subscription traps and only work with reputable agencies. In addition, we support various partner networks, which represent an important source of income for us. With every purchase via our partner links, you support the Wholesnap project. This is only a commission for the recommendation, through which you could certainly already make one or two bargains. In the end, everyone benefits from what guarantees the future of this project. Many thanks for that!


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