How i remove a virus from Windows PC or laptop?

How i remove a virus from my computer.

One possibility: a free program – Windows-tool – can remove a virus only if it is active.Here we will show you how to recognize with just a few steps whether an infection is present – and what you can do about it if your computer is infected with a virus.

Some computers or laptops – problems seem to be huge when they occur but are often easy to handle with the right software tool. Even virus infections can often be controlled with relatively little effort

Getting a handle on the problem

The "Malicious Software Removal Tool" (MSRT) from MicrosoftThe “Malicious Software Removal Tool” (MSRT) from Microsoft is a good malware tool for the operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or older to find, remove and undo certain current threats.  This can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. If malware is detected or an error occurs during execution, a report is sent to Microsoft. According to Microsoft, no data is sent that allows conclusions to be drawn about the computer or the user. Normally it is played out automatically with the Windows updates every month, but it can also be downloaded as a single program. Afterwards, it can be executed directly or saved for later activation.

How do I remove a detected bug?One of the best antivirus software McAfee

If you discover that your computer is indeed infected with viruses, you must remove them using professional antivirus software. There are a number of providers who provide protection software in various variants, e. g. as a program package or for downloading.

Infestation prevention

Norton antivirus is a good choice for your laptop or PCOf course, caution is always better than forbearance – and that’s why to keep your computer not only up to date with the latest Windows updates, but also protected. Various vendors and software providers offer comprehensive protection packages that protect your PC and laptops from viruses, phishing and other types of spams.


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