Apple iPhone 8 Quick Review

Apple iPhone the test shows that the Apple phones still have a lot to offer under the hood.

Apple offers with iPhone 8 a solid but conservative upgrade to its predecessor

The new iPhone 8 is better than its predecessor? – and comes in silver, space grey, and a new gold finish. Superlative don’t save you any money of course: Instead of an aluminum back, you will find glass here. The main disadvantage of glass is its higher fracture sensitivity. Apple promises that the material is better and more resistant. But the design isn’t really new at first glance. It remains a typical iPhone 6 recognizable.

The new top iPhone 8 charges wireless with a separately available Qi charger. iPhone 8 currently consumes almost 5 watts of charge current for wireless connectivity.


Like the iPhone 7 iPhone, the iPhone 8 offers 1,334 x 750 pixels on a 4.7 inch diagonal. The clarity of the picture is fine, the difference can be seen at the edges of the letters, but you have to take a closer look. Expressed in numbers: The screen achieves a maximum brightness of about 531 cd/m² when displaying a chessboard contrast picture – the iPhone 7 offers 540 cd/m². The color space covers just over 100 percent of the standard RGB color space. A new addition is a support for true-tone technology that Apple has introduced with the iPad Pro. If enabled, the screen adjusts the color display to match the brightness and tint of the ambient light. This provides a slightly more pleasant reading experience.


Apple relies on the A11 processor with six cores, two of which are very powerful and four are comparatively efficient. All can be active at the same time. Our test website loads the mobile phone in a fabulous 0.17 seconds, fast Android mobile phones need 4.5 or 8.5 seconds. Our test PDF was loaded just as fast as lightning: The iPhone 8 needed only 0.8 seconds.

The graphics performance is also strong: In the offscreen tests of the GFX-Bench graphics benchmark, iPhone 8 is up to 50 percent faster than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. if the benchmark runs on the screen, the iPhone can theoretically still set itself apart even further due to its lower resolution, but when using OpenGL, Apple or the benchmark limits the refresh rate to 60 Hertz.

The iPhone 8 has a good, but not a great photo quality. Apple uses a new 12-megapixel image sensor with slightly larger pixels.The iPhone 8 camera works very well even in daylight. We are positively surprised by the good battery life.

Apple has reduced the battery capacity from 1,960 milliampere hours (mAh) to 1,821 mAh compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the iPhone runs 8 – 2.5 hours long and reaches 11:42 hours. With the supplied 5-watt power supply, the charging time takes about 163 minutes to fully charge the battery. Unlike the older models, the iPhone 8 has a quick charge function, but a corresponding 29-watt power supply and USB-type C-to-Lightning cable cost extra. This reduces the charging time to 135 minutes. If you charge your iPhone 8 with a Qi charger, it takes more than 270 minutes, i. e. 4.5 hours. There are no other surprises when it comes to features like iPhone 7.


The iPhone 8 convinces in the test with brilliant performance, excellent workmanship and a great battery life. The photo quality is good and slightly better than its predecessor. If you have an older iPhone – iPhone 6 -, you’ll get a lot of new and good Features.


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