Black Hammer 1: Lost Heroes

Black Hammer 1

Writer: Jeff Lemire | Artist: Dean Ormston | Colorist: Dave Stewart | Cover Artist: Dean Ormston | Genre: Superhero, Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure

Book Title: Black Hammer 1

Book Description: The golden age of superheroes is over. Abraham Slam and his companions were once the guardians of Spiral City, but after a fateful battle against their arch-enemy, they find themselves in a godforsaken farm. There the heroes have to settle in, whether they like it or not, because there is no escape from the small town, as they must painfully experience.

  • 100%
    Storyline - 100%
  • 92%
    Drawing Style - 92%

The Verdict

Last year Black Hammer rightly won the Eisner Award for best new comic series. The story is always told in an exciting way and supported by useful drawings, which unfortunately cannot leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Jeff Lemire is a master of his trade! The star author has proven this countless times in the past – Sweet Tooth. Earlier Lemire should have had his idea for Black Hammer or better said, for what was later to become Black Hammer in mind. But his new work Black Hammer is about superheroes: Jeff Lemire has teamed up with illustrator Dean Ormston (Judge Dredd) and star colorist Dave Stewart (Hellboy) to pay homage to the superhero genre.

Black Hammer 1

Black Hammer Storyline

Once the shining heroes of Spiral City, they fought side by side. Abe, Gail, Barbalien, Talkie Walkie, Lady Dragonfly and the Colonel were thrown into another dimension after the all-decisive battle against the all-powerful antigod. On a small farm in the middle of nowhere, they came to without knowing how they got there. But it gets even stranger, they can’t leave the borders of this small American village, whose location they don’t even know, and are trapped there. Trapped in the country.

“Black Hammer is the craziest and most BRILLANTED comic I’ve read in recent years.” – Mark Millar

10 years have passed and the community has more or less voluntarily come to terms with the inexplicable fate and tries to make the best of it – well, at least some of them. While Abraham rises in his quiet life as a farmer, the little Golden Gail mutates into a bitchy teenage girl, the former Martian warlord Barbalia approaches the church representative of the local community and the mechanical Talky-Walky is still trying to find a way home. Soon the failed heroic troupe becomes a dysfunctional family that quickly realizes that no superpower in the universe can save them from their fears and loneliness. The story is exciting, ambitious, beautiful and extremely unique: For those who are only rudimentarily interested in comics as a medium, the Black Hammer of the Golden Age comic is an indisputable must.

Black Hammer 1

With Black Hammer, Jeff Lemire presents us his personal homage and declaration of love to superhero comics. The band is bubbling over with different influences and ideas. Decades of the history of pictorial art are processed here. His figures, for example, all come from different ages of comic art and are largely based on models from the Marvel or DC houses.

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