Fortnite: Twitch Prime members receive new free outfits

Fortnite: Twitch Prime

Exclusive Loot package for Twitch Prime users

Twitch Prime members can look forward to new free outfits for Fortnite Battle Royale and Rescue the World. The Twitch Prime Pack includes two outfits – Sub Commander and Havoc. Havoc includes a new accessory for the back, while Sub Commander uses the slipstream glider.

Free outfits and Emojis

All fans of the online shooter Fortnite (now available,, who also have a prime account with Twitch should pay a visit to the official website of the streaming platform as soon as possible.
The Twitch Prime Pack is the latest addition to Fortnite. The game is known for releasing new time-limited modes, outfits and weapons. In this way, it tries to stay at the forefront of the Battle Royal genre. So be quick if you want to secure your outfits and items.

To get the Loot package, you must first link your Epic Games and Twitch accounts. You can then activate the package by clicking on the crown icon in the top bar of the Twitch website and unpack it later in the game. From then on, the exclusive in-game items will be yours forever. Here is the overview:

  • Exclusive “Havoc” outfit and back accessory for Battle Royale: Become a style icon for friend and foe with the “Havoc” outfit and matching back accessory.
  • Exclusive “Sub Commander” outfit and slipstream glider for Battle Royale: With the “Sub Commander” outfit and the slipstream glider you’ll find your way around every battlefield.
  • Exclusive Heroes for Rescue the World: Even the mighty Smasher has to give in to the fight against Havoc and Sub Commander Jonesy.
  • Chat Emotes for Twitch: Become part of the Fortnite community and show your colors with 4 exclusive chat emotes for Twitch.

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