Free games for Twitch Prime Members

Free Games with Twitch Prime April 2018

Twitch Prime Loot in April: Kingsway and more

The streaming service Twitch Prime is significantly expanding its Prime offering, which belongs to Amazon Prime, and will in future provide premium subscribers with free games every month with the “Free Games with Prime” program.

How to access the free content: Twitch Prime requires a paid Amazon Prime subscription and a Twitch user account. You will then need to link your Amazon and Twitch accounts. Ready! If you now log in to the Twitch website, the “Amazon Prime Loot” crown icon will show you the current Twitch Prime Loot and the games with Prime.

For the month of April you can already get the following games for free:

  • Tales from the Borderlands
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Kingsway
  • Tokyi 42
  • Dubwars

The offer is supplemented each month by further free games.

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