Gaming console for families: Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Wii U is a home video game console from Nintendo that will forever change how you interact with the TV and how your friends and family are connected. It’s a powerful HD gaming system with an exceptional new controller that redefines the dynamics of playing together: This is the Wii U GamePad. The Wii U not only offers completely new game variations but also offers a number of other features that offer an even better experience in many areas. The new controller with a 6.2-inch screen also features an acceleration and motion sensor, a rumble feature, an indoor camera, a microphone, and speakers.

  • 80%
    Design - 80%
  • 78%
    Features - 78%
  • 80%
    Performance - 80%
  • 50%
    Price - 50%

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