Jaybird X3: Are the Earphones suitable for everyday use?

Jaybird X3: Are the Earphones suitable for everyday use?

The Jaybird X3: Comfortable, durable and well equipped

If you are interested in sports headphones, you can’t get past the Jaybird brand. So I sat down and tested the Jaybird X3 for you. Jaybird is a subsidiary of Logitech and specializes in wireless sports headphones. The X3 is the first model of the company, which appears after the takeover. As the X2 version has already received many positive reviews, the bar is very high.

Since the shape and profile of an ear are as individual and unmistakable as a fingerprint, the human hearing organ is also used for biometric identification of people. So it’s no wonder that in-ear headphones are a wonderful fit for some people, but that they are constantly falling out of each other’s ears. Especially in sports activities.

The first impression

The packaging alone makes a high-quality impression. The front of the package is equipped with a magnetic clip, so that prospective buyers can take a look at the headphones themselves before making their purchase. They rest in a foam plastic shell and can be easily detached from it.

In addition to the headphones themselves, the scope of delivery includes six pairs of earplugs in three different sizes as well as, if the plugs alone are not enough, three pairs of wings in different sizes. Attached underneath the plugs, they make falling out almost impossible. Also included in delivery: three clips to adjust the cable in the neck, a charging cable, and a carrying bag.

The launch of the Jaybird

When fitting the earplugs, make sure that you don’t choose the earplugs you think are the same size as your ear, but the next larger ones. This is the only way to ensure that the plugs fill the ear canal optimally. If the plugs are not deep enough in the ears, not only is the hold insufficient, but the sound is also thin and metallic.

Jaybird X3 in review
3D foam plugs and secure-fit wings give the earphone a perfect fit and secure hold in leisure and sport.

Jaybird X3 in practice test

Once the tedious “first-time installation” has been completed, the X3 becomes a powerful companion, whose secure fit in the ear cannot be jeopardized even by the most intensive sporting activities.
The attached clips make it easy to shorten the cable length so that the cable does not rub against the collar. The installation is a bit tricky, but afterward, it is worth the effort. The sound is full, the basses are crisp and the high and mid tones come as they should. Even without the free app provided by Jaybird, the sound of the headphones is more than sufficient. If you want to emphasize bass and other settings, I recommend installing the app after all. If you don’t use the cable clips and wear the Jaybird X3 underneath and not over your ear, the cable often gets stuck and pulls on the plugs.


The workmanship is very good. The sports headphones come with a solid sound even without the app and even convince with an enduring rechargeable battery. Unrestricted headphone recommendation of the editors!

Jaybird X3
  • 89%
    Processing - 89%
  • 90%
    Sound - 90%
  • 88%
    Functionality - 88%
  • 90%
    Design - 90%

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