More Performance From Your Notebook!

You should always use the latest nvidia graphics card drivers – free of charge.

To keep your notebook up to date, Nvidia offers special mobile graphics card drivers for download,can be installing on 64-bit versions of Windows 10. Supported are the GeForce 400M, 500M, 600M, 700M, 800M and 900M series graphics cards.
Nvidia updates its Geforce drivers at irregular intervals. For larger game releases there is usually a new driver available; for new Geforce models, of course. You can download the version for desktop computers and the version for notebooks. Always select the correct operating system. If you are looking for older Windows drivers or Linux distributions, we recommend that you visit GeForce. com.
Geforce Experience offers, among other things, the Shadowplay function. If you activate “Shadow Mode” in the “Geforce Experience”, the last minutes of the video game will be storing in a cache on the hard disk. You can save a game scene as a video.
GameStream is also included in these drivers – a game is streaming from a computer on Nvidia’s video game handheld Nvidia Shield. For the new driver to work , the operating system should be up-to-date. If necessary, check whether new updates are available for your system.
*The new Release-Notes (PDF) describe the NVIDIA graphics card driver family (versions 387. xx to 389. xx) for Microsoft Windows 7 and later. NVIDIA provides the following tips for describing performance improvements and bug fixes in each documented version of the driver.

What is Nvidia? – A short explanation

Nvidia is a company founding in 1993 by Jen-Hsun Huang, Curtis Priem and Chris Malachowsky, which produces graphics processors and chipsets. Nvidia products can be founding in computers as well as in-game consoles (Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo Switch ).
Windows computers usually have Nvidia graphics cards or small graphics chips built into them, which allows them to display better graphics on their screen. With more expensive graphics cards, even complex games can be playing on the PC. For configuring the graphics card, there is usually a software and a driver from Nvidia on your PC.

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