Phantom Trigger review: A hardcore neon slasher for Xbox

Phantom Trigger review for Xbox

Phantom Trigger is a production of an independent publisher tinyBuild. This action RPG game promises to be full of punch and colorful pixel art, and now available for Xbox too.

The story about Stan

The story is about an ordinary man named Stan. The game starts with a couple talking about breakfast. Suddenly Stan faints on the floor where he is taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a dangerous disease. Enclosed, he’s undergoing some strange treatment. Suddenly Stan finds himself a warrior in a dark dimension. Actually, the game tells two different stories: one in the real world with Stan and one in the neon kingdom with the warrior. It tries to bring these two storylines together at some point in the game, but it never quite clicked.


The combination of role-playing, combat and rogue elements takes you through four worlds filled with enemies and traps, each with a boss lurking at the end. Little by little you acquire new abilities and thus also new combos, which are relatively difficult to master. You have three weapons at your disposal, which gain experience through use and thus become stronger and stronger. The game mechanics combine attacks with sword, whip, and claws to make full combos, but requires quick reactions. Especially at the beginning, the pixelated monsters deal a lot of damage and cause numerous screen deaths in both difficulty levels. Your power bar cannot be improved. Only you yourselves are getting better and stronger, also through new combos. This increases the difficulty level enormously and makes the whole thing more difficult than it already is.

Avoid the default “Hard” mode at the beginning. Small puzzles and collecting missions for bizarre clients loosen up the repetitive fighting a bit and make the similarity to Hyper Light Drifter even clearer, even if Phantom Trigger can’t compete with it in terms of story and scope. It takes a little time to understand the game. Whoever has the fighting system, which is also relatively frustrating, once in it, will have a lot of fun with it.

Phantom Trigger Overall

Game title: Phantom Trigger

Game description: Stan's losing control. The Phantom Empire brings hidden curses into a pulsating neon reality where demons fight in whole hordes and use every trick possible to destroy your defense. Throw spells and traps in the middle of a combo, moving along the border between control and chaos in this fresh action-based battle. With Phantom Trigger, you're your own worst enemy.

  • 58%
    GAMEPLAY - 58%
  • 58%
    STORY - 58%
  • 70%
    GRAPHIC & SOUND - 70%


  • A branched story with four alternative ends
  • Five different worlds to explore
  • About 7+ hours of fun
  • A tricky combat system that focuses on unlocking new combinations and improving weapons
  • Exciting story with rogue-style dungeons


  • Design


  • Very shallow story
  • Complex battle system

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