The Forest: A survival game against Cannibals and Mutants

The Forest

Genre: Action | Developer: Endnight Games | Publisher: Endnight Games | Publication Date: 30.04.2018 | Platform: PC, PS4

The Forest Overall

Game title: The Forest

Game description: The Forest is a survival horror game for PC and PS4, developed by Endnight Games and played from an ego perspective. The goal is to be the only survivor of a plane crash on a forested island by building huts, weapons and tools.

  • 90%
    GAMEPLAY - 90%
  • 86%
    STORY - 86%
  • 82%
    GRAPHIC & SOUND - 82%

The Verdict

The Forest is a devastating ordeal of survival that knows how to play with tension and create the feeling of a real world with mysteries. The varied fights are fun, as the AI opponents act very skilfully and tree jumpers unintentionally provide for jump scares. Dark nights are really pitch-black, the caves are wonderfully dark, the enemies mostly in the majority. Tactics that work in multiplayer mode would be deadly for single players, so you have to adapt and rethink. Disregard the warnings on the walls and hidden between the trees at your own risk. If you are not too nervous and you want a unique and unforgettable survival horror experience, then you should definitely dare.


  • Frighteningly believable horror elements
  • High voltage factor due to intelligent enemy AI
  • Single- and multiplayer mode
  • Three levels of difficulty


  • Repetitive endgame after completion of the story
  • Armament is resource-intensive in view of low durability

Four years ago, The Forest, a survival game of the small Endnight Games team, was released early. After a long and turbulent development, it is finally available here in the release version, with very nice developments and nice changes. A precursor of the great era of the survival game, has it achieved its goals and above all is it really worth it in 2018? We’ll see together.

Nice story with an easy start

We are sitting in a plane on our way on holiday and next to us is a little son Timmy who is sleeping. Unfortunately, the flight did not go smoothly and some things got out of control, which eventually led to the plane crashing on an undiscovered island. While we awaken from unconsciousness after a while and collect our senses, we see Timmy being dragged away by an unknown person (Mutant) – from now on the mission is: survive and find son Timmy again.

As the genre suggests, the focus in The Forest is on survival. Where we suffer from the effects of rain, cold, hunger and thirst. With an attentive eye for the environment, however, means can be found quickly to satisfy the basic needs. Especially the low resource requirements for basic weapons, accommodation and supplies make the game entry convenient.

Nothing works at The Forest without exploration

Explorers will get their money’s worth especially during the first round of the game: In every settlement, in the many, extensive caves, there are plenty of objects waiting. If you want to reconstruct the complete background story of the game, you have to explore every section of the caves. In The Forest, you come across different kinds of opponents who want to prevent us from doing so. Among others, cannibals and mutants. Which all have their own behavior.

The story you discover down in these depths is worth the trip.

If you are not careful in battle, your opponents will fall into the flank, if you use slow weapons, your opponents will skilfully avoid you. If you put enemies to flight, they can return in larger groups. Even uninhabited forest sections should not mislead you into thinking that there are no enemies lurking there, as they like to climb trees and jump at you from above!

An extensive arsenal of weapons helps to adapt to different situations and attacker types: The spear keeps opponents at a distance, but you can’t block and stab slowly. An ax can be used to fend off enemy blows, but injuries are more likely due to the shorter combat distance. Even the slingshot, which at first appears weak, is justified by the easily detectable ammunition and its accuracy.

A survival game with horror experiences

Horror is a crucial genre in The Forest. The player must always be aware that he can be attacked at any moment from any direction. But the horror genre lives best in the many different caves on the island.

The forest combines exploration, discovery and cannibalism in one horror sandbox.

At the latest in the dark night, a quiet crack right next door brings the adrenalin level to new highs and lets you suspect enemies behind every tree. The game skillfully relies on the dense wilderness, poor visibility and the really frighteningly disgusting look of the hostile creatures on the island. Especially because you usually only hear your opponents, but don’t see them and have to reckon with an attack at any time, the tension curve seldom flattens out.

You meet a few cannibal forms on your exploration tour, once as individual cannibals, who are very harmless on their own and retreat after contact with the player. However, the Cannibal Leader poses a slightly greater danger, he is out with a group and tries to complicate the player’s life. However, the group is quickly defeated by killing the leader of the group. There is still the hungry cannibal, which is fast on the way and on the search for food. It attacks everything it sees, which is why it should be avoided.

And then there are other powerful mutants, such as the Spider Mutant, which should be used with extreme caution as it can kill with 2-3 hits by an unarmored player. Faced with such opponents, a feeling of vulnerability and weakness remains ubiquitous despite equipment that is slowly improving and makes a big difference to the appeal of the game.

After some time, the growing mutants and cannibal hordes force the player to make decisions about whether to build and defend a strong base or to avoid enemies by being as inconspicuous as possible. Dark nights are really pitch-black, the caves are wonderfully dark, the enemies mostly in the majority. Tactics that work in multiplayer mode would be deadly for single players, so you have to adapt and rethink. For those who like to explore and enjoy nature, The Forest – for PC and PS4 – is the right choice.

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