Corsair HS50: Trendy headset for less money


Corsair has made a name for itself in recent years in the field of headsets in terms of quality for gamers with its Void series. Now Corsair wants to conquer the cheaper segment to appeal to price-conscious users. For many loyal fans, the logo alone stands for quality – is that also true for the Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset?

A good headset is an important basic equipment for every gamer. In addition to a detailed and powerful sound, it must also fit well and be durable. Corsair wants to combine these important features with the HS50 stereo headset. In addition to the PC, the headset is compatible with PlayStation 4 and mobile devices, making it a true all-rounder.

Design, Scope, and Comfort

The HS50 surprises with an extremely robust metal bracket as a base, which is covered with a plastic jacket with imitation leather head padding. The rhombic seams make a difference and radiate quality from all holes. The spacious, oval ear cushions are in discreet black with a mesh grid made of metal on which a discreet logo is emblazoned, around it a colored decorative stripe. The HS50 is available in three versions in blue, green and black.

The HS50 with its 319 grams looks very high quality for the price. The cable is 1.90 m long with a combination jack plug, plus a short Y-junction on two three-pin jack plugs. The length of the cord is really fine for gaming on the PC, but rather unwieldy for the console when you connect the headset to the controller.

The controls focus on the essentials: a microphone mute button and a volume control on the left auricle. In addition, there is a detachable microphone arm with easily positionable wire mesh. Overall wearing comfort and operation are good. The headset fits quite tight, but without exerting too much lateral pressure, even during a gaming session lasting several hours.

Sound and Microphone

As you can already guess from the jack connections, this is an analog stereo headset. As usual, 50 mm drivers with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz and an impedance of 32 ohms are used. The microphone delivers 100 to 10,000 Hz at a sensitivity of -40 dB.

For a headset in this price range, the HS50 produces a surprisingly good sound in practical use with full, powerful but not over-emphasized bass, slightly reduced midrange and overall clear highs, even if the range lacks a bit of brilliance. The drivers are clearly designed for game sound, but also music and movies sound very neatly through the shells. The stereo effect is good but could have been a bit wider. However, locating the direction during gambling is no problem.

More surprisingly, Corsair didn’t cut back on the microphone. Although it does not have a pop screen, the insulation of hissing sounds and background noises is still pleasantly good. Speech is transmitted clearly and largely unadulterated. A lot of praise, that is not self-evident with headsets of this price range. It is also nice that the microphone can really be used on all common devices. Whether Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC or even mobile phone – the headset runs perfectly everywhere.

  • 82%
    Design - 82%
  • 82%
    Sound - 82%
  • 87%
    Microphone - 87%
  • 89%
    Comfort - 89%

The Verdict

Corsair has exceeded my expectations, that is out of the question. But from an objective point of view, the HS50 can also emerge as one of the winners in its price range, both in terms of workmanship and performance. So if you’re looking for a headset with no limitations in terms of usable platforms and a gigantic price-performance ratio, you’ll be very happy with it. People who definitely need Surround Sound or RGB lighting won’t find what they are looking for, but in most cases, they have to dig deeper into their pockets.


  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for all platforms
  • Good, detachable microphone
  • High-quality workmanship


  • No surround sound
  • No lighting

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