Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung's Best Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Built for Bigger Things

Huge display, retractable pen and now with a dual camera and dual SIM. With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung’s current largest, most expensive and best smartphone.

The Power and Housing

 The Galaxy Note 8, as well as the S8 and S8 Plus, contain an eight-core processor Exynos 8895 with up to 2.3 GHz clock frequency. In gaming or multitasking, the powerful 10nm processor and 6GB RAM provide plenty of power, unlike the Galaxy S8 with 4GB of memory.

Galaxy Note 8 case is noble and high quality finished, it feels like this and is comfortable in the hand. Despite its elegance, the Phablet’s IP68 enclosure is also protected against dust and temporary immersion in water. With its weight of 191 grams, the good piece is well-filled in the user’s hand.

Display and Battery

The Galaxy Note 8 design is equipped with a 6.3-inch innovative Infinity Display (AMOLED), 0.1-inch larger than the S8+, the largest ever installed on a Galaxy Note. The resolution amounts to 2960×1440 pixels and provides a fine pixel density of 521 PPI. But the display is not only fine but also bright: with a measured radiant power of extremely high 535 cd/m2, the Galaxy Note 8 sets a new laboratory record for displays with the self-luminous OLED technology. The colors are strong without being too saturated. The display is bright enough to withstand the blazing sun.

After the battery failure of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has reduced the battery capacity by 200 milliampere-hours to 3,300 mAh compared to the predecessor. This means the battery life of Galaxy Note 8 is up to 9:30 hours. But thanks to the quick-charge technology, the battery is fully operational again after 113 minutes.

Our choice ist the Galaxy Note 8 one of the best smartphone
Galaxy Note 8

Software, Camera, and S-Pen

An Android 7.1.1 is installed on Note 8. This also adds a new feature to create app pairs in the shortcut sidebar. For example, you can open Youtube and a Messenger app at the same time with just one fingertip. The grade 8 is the first Samsung mobile phone with a double lens. The main sensor has a maximum aperture of F1.7 and in combination with the second sensor F2.4 aperture, the telesensor can be used to take pictures of motifs at a very good quality in 2x magnification. The result is convincing.

The special feature of the Note models is the “S Pen” stylus, which can be recessed into the housing. A gentle pressure in the lower area next to the loudspeaker is all that is needed, and the S Pen comes towards you and is easy to remove. At the same time, a special S-Pen menu appears automatically on the screen. Here you can add several entries like “Create note”,”Smart Select”,”Screenshot note”,”Live message” or other shortcuts.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a superlative smartphone with a giant display, dual camera, and impressive performance. The size, however, is a matter of taste: at 16 centimeters in length, the score of 8 goes beyond almost every pocket. For those who like it handy, the Galaxy S8 is better served. We were also impressed by the new S-Pen functions. In terms of internal memory, Samsung could have shown itself to be more generous in terms of price.


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