Sea of Thieves in review – The shallow game fun

Sea of Thieves: Alone a bore, having fun with friends
It's boring alone, but it's fun with friends

Sea of Thieves from the game developers Rare makes many people’s childhood dreams of being a pirate come true. We capture as optically randomly generated freebooters in an open, simple but stylishly staged world. Right at the beginning we choose whether the adventure starts alone or more on a small sloop or to more on a gallon.

Sea of Thieve: A pirate’s life with a difficult entry

Some basic information about the game: Sea of Thieves is an online pirate game for Xbox One and PC, in which
you and optimally up to three other players provide the crew of a sloop, small ship or galleon. The goal: You go treasure hunting together, complete assignments for three different factions, earn experience points, gold, and other glittering treasures. You will do all the work on board like setting sails, lifting anchors and navigating as a team. As a pirate, you will experience exciting sea battles, storms, wonderful sunrises, and sunsets. It’s almost picturesque, this pirate life if only all the playful shoals weren’t.

A beautiful pirate adventure that promises entertaining hours with players.

At the Sea of Thieves, the biggest weakness is the game entry. Here are the strengths of this online co-op adventure with its typical rare charm: Without agreements and teamwork you are almost powerless. Often no team came together, players log in and disappear again. If you want to stand your ground alone to complete the numerous missions successfully, you need quick abandonment and luck in this vast world with unpleasant surprises such as thunderstorms and giant squids.

But in the end, it’s quite a funny game session over several hours when all players are there and want to pull together. If one is still annoying, he is banished to the ship’s dungeon by voting. If you meet a ship with other players on the journey, it goes to the cannons. Then the bullets rush into the fuselage, the comrades mend the leaks and some shoot themselves out of the cannon onto the enemy deck to win in close combat.

Sea of Thieves: Thanks to the comic look, the world is picturesquely beautiful
Thanks to the comic look, the world is picturesquely beautiful

Sea of Thieves: Missing draught

Lift anchor, set sail, turn into the wind and off you go. As soon as they leave the harbor with a new ship, it is sent to the seabed again. Of course, the developers can’t help the nastiness of the players, but such excesses have already hinted at in the beta and unfortunately, there is no antidote so far. But what immediately catches the eye is the beautiful vast ocean with sunset. Once on the island, dig up the treasure and drag the crate below deck before heading to your next destination. But be careful: In the seemingly endless world of Sea of Thieves, many other players are out to find your treasure. After fierce cannon fights and hectic sword fights, your prey may be gone.

Sea of Thieves: Treasures are all in a pirate's life, and in Sea Of Thieves it's no different.
Treasures are all in a pirate’s life, and in Sea Of Thieves it’s no different

When the work is done, take the items to the nearest outpost to collect gold and experience points. Gradually, you will unlock commendations and levels that give you access to new equipment, items such as hairstyles or clothing and ship upgrades.

But as amusing as Sea of Thieves is in these excellent moments, the game simply lacks depth. Playfully, the whole thing is relatively shallow. Instead, it relies on smaller quest series with loose storylines. The battles require neither special skills nor are navigation and navigation demanding. The treasure hunt will soon become routine once you understand the system. The world seems too lifeless to me, there are a few fish in the water, and some sharks, there are snakes on the islands and chickens or pigs. There is no real enrichment of the environment just for completing the quests.

Sea of Thieves Overall
Sea of Thieves

Game title: Sea of Thieves

Game description: Immerse yourself in the world of Sea of Thieves and be the pirate you always wanted to be an experience unique adventures with your friends. Experience unique coop gameplay in Sea of Thieves: The combination of exciting explorations with friends and the ever-present danger make Sea of Thieves a whole new experience!

  • 75%
    GAMEPLAY - 75%
  • 70%
    STORY - 70%
  • 83%
    GRAPHIC & SOUND - 83%


Visually, Sea of Thieves is a real hit, but unfortunately, it was let loose on fans much too early. There is simply far too little game content and variety in this world, which in itself would promise great adventures, wild fun, and boundless freedom. But at what cost? No plot thread or personal progress, no really motivating booty and no character development. Even the most impeccable graphical presentation and the most stable server infrastructure are of no help here. After a few missions at the latest, you have seen everything and no longer have any incentive to continue playing. Attention: For the game is an Xbox Live Gold membership is required. This must be purchased separately.


  • Graphically exciting game world
  • Great pirate atmosphere
  • A lot of fun together with other players
  • Occasionally delicious humor


  • Mostly unsuitable for single players
  • No real character creation
  • Difficult entry
  • Hardly any variety of tasks and opponents

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  1. Your review was spot on indeed. I felt like Sea of Thieves needs an A.I enemy to roam around giving us PVP pirates more danger outside of the NPC Skeletons like Spanish or British Military that come after us.

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