Top 18 Frequently Asked Questions about Xbox One X

Xbox One X are many misunderstandings and misinformation circulating on the Internet

On November 7, Microsoft released Xbox One X, the most powerful console on the market to date. But there are still many misunderstandings and misinformation circulating on the Internet. We have collected and listed 18 questions for the upcoming hardware. We hope to clear up further misunderstandings about the Xbox One X.

Do I need a 4K TV to take advantage of Xbox One X?

No! This is probably the biggest Xbox One X misunderstanding and it is unfortunately all too often repeated or spread by ignorant people. As mentioned above, additional resources are made available to developers due to the performance of the Xbox One X. Techniques such as supersampling, anisotropic filtering and other improvements have a significant impact on the game. These graphical differences can also be seen on a Full HD 1080p screen and the Xbox One X is clearly superior to a standard Xbox One console. It is also possible that the Xbox One X runs a game at a higher frame rate than the Xbox One, even if the resolution remains the same (an often overlooked but great feature) and can significantly improve loading times. There will also be further improvements: Dashboard, Game DVR 4K, Mixer Streaming and other applications that are optimized for the system are the key points here. By the way, the compatible Xbox 360 games will run even better on Xbox One X.

Will there be games in the future that will only run on Xbox One X, but no longer on the standard Xbox One?

No. Microsoft was very clear about that statement. The Xbox One X is part of the Xbox One family. This means that all games and accessories work on all Xbox One devices.

Are there two different versions of games, one for Xbox One / S and one for Xbox One X?

No. There will only be one version of all Xbox One games and they will work on all Xbox One consoles.

What does “Xbox One X Enhanced” mean on the game sleeves or in the digital store?

For games that will run at a higher resolution or frame rate on Xbox One X, developers must release additional updates for the games with new assets. The Xbox One X Enhanced seal lets you see if a game has received additional or improved features for Xbox One X. Since the improvements may vary depending on the title, it is worth researching exactly what each developer offers before buying. Here, too, it is up to the developers to decide what they want to implement. It is also worth mentioning that these updates require additional storage space beyond the standard game. As always, advanced games with better graphics and sound require more memory.

Why don’t developers offer a higher frame rate over 60fps as in many PC games?

Technically, they certainly could. Here, too, Microsoft does not make any rules. However, the refresh rate of most TVs, on which the vast majority of console owners play games, is not capable of displaying more than 60fps. Therefore, any additional frames would be a pure waste of performance that can be better used elsewhere.

Regardless of the Xbox One X Enhanced games that developers are improving specifically for Xbox One X, will I see any benefits in other games?

Yes, many games today are programmed with variable resolutions and refresh rates. This means that the game engine dynamically adjusts the resolution and or frame rate at certain sections of the game, depending on what is happening on the screen. For example, a game like Battlefield 1 can vary between 720p and 1080p depending on the amount of action on the screen (due to the amount of processing power required to display the game smoothly). Since the Xbox One X is much more powerful, games with a dynamic resolution can run automatically e.g. constantly in 1080p, while the frame rate is also improved. Improvements of this kind will be made automatically when you play the game on Xbox One X. Developers don’t have to upgrade and you don’t have to download an update.

How many (old) games will Xbox One X Enhanced be?

There is no exact number yet, but many developers have already confirmed that they will optimize their games for Xbox One X. We have a growing list of all Xbox One X Enhanced games for you here.

How much does storage space the Xbox One X offer?

The Xbox One X offers a hard disk with 1 terabyte of storage space.

If I have an Xbox One or Xbox One S, will I be forced to download Xbox One X updates for games even though I can’t use them?

No. Microsoft has confirmed that only Xbox One X owners need to download the additional updates for Xbox One X Enhanced games.

If I don’t have a 4K TV, why am I still forced to download 4K updates for games on my Xbox One X?

This is based on techniques like supersampling
described above. Developers use these assets to improve the games, even if you play your games on a 1080p (or less) TV. At the end, you will always see significant improvements and benefit from the 4K updates.

Why can’t Microsoft just burn these 4K updates to the disc and why do I need to download them instead?

While the Xbox One X and Xbox One S have a UHD Blu-ray drive, these UHD discs do not work on the standard Xbox One. The original Xbox One supports only dual layer Blu-ray discs with a maximum storage capacity of 50 GB. Since games, especially with 4K assets, can now be over 100 GB in size, it would be impossible to store all this data on the disc. UHD discs are also currently reaching their limits at 100 GB and more. Just remember that all Xbox One games must always run on all Xbox One devices. As a result, all retail versions are still burned to standard Blu-ray discs and additional updates, including Xbox One X Enhanced upgrades, must be downloaded.

What if I have a monthly volume of data?

If you have a volume of data, you should get to know beforehand what effects the user can have. Forza Motorsport 7 alone will probably use over 100 GB of hard disk space, several gigabytes of which will have to be downloaded from the Internet.

Do I need anything extra when upgrading from Xbox One S to Xbox One X?

No. The connections and cables are identical, even at the back of the same place. You can simply unplug everything from the Xbox One S and connect it to the Xbox One X. No connectors or cables have been used that would make upgrading unnecessarily complicated, for which Microsoft should be praised. The original Xbox One, on the other hand, uses a different power cable. At this point, you have to use the included cable from the Xbox One X box. If you want to continue using Kinect on Xbox One X, you will need the Kinect USB adapter (as with Xbox One S).

Does the new Xbox One X come with a new controller?

No. It is the same controller that comes with the Xbox One S, with a 3.5mm port and Bluetooth support.

Where can I pre-order the Xbox One X?
We have a selection for you here.

How can the Xbox One X have so much more power and be even smaller?

Magic! Microsoft has done incredible work
and in addition, a state of the art cooling system is installed, so that everything can be installed in such a compact way.

What output does Xbox One X support?

The Xbox One X offers HDMI 1.4 (in) HDMI 2.0b (out), 2160p @ 60Hz and AMD FreeSync. In addition, there is HDR10 support, a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive and of course 4K streaming. HDMI 2.1 certification will follow.

What sound formats does Xbox One X support?

DTS 5.1, DOLBY Digital 5.1, TrueHD with Atmos, PCM 2.0, 5.1, 7.1

What connections does the Xbox One X offer?

power connector
2x HDMI ports (1 HDMI 1.4b in, 1 HDMI 2.0b out)
3x USB 3.0 ports (one port on the front)
IR Out
S/PDIF / Optical
Ethernet Port / LAN (Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi)

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