World of Demons: Onimaru against the world of demons

World of Demons

Genre: Action-RPG | Developer: Platinum Games | Publisher: DeNA | Publication Date: Summer 2018 | Platform: iOS and Android

Platinum Games has released a new gameplay trailer for World of Demons. The action-RPG game has an aesthetic appeal and the fights are very similar to productions published by Platinum Games such as Bayonetta, Vanquish and NiER Automata. Not to mention the music. But be warned: The game is released so far, only for iOS and Android, and is also free-to-play.

World of Demons in a few words

A dark demon king named Shuten Doji has subjugated the country and the wandering samurai Onimaru must face the threat. It gradually becomes clear what the enemies and allies are all about. This plot provides the framework for fast and action-packed battles with the eponymous demons in the game.

Among other things, you fight the monsters with your companions, the so-called Yokai. They can carry unique weapons and abilities and attack from a distance, for example. They also have different element classes. Their skillful use is often of great tactical importance. An enemy should be fought with an Ice Yokai.

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