Octopath Traveler: New Japanese overview trailer

Project Octopath Traveler Trailer

The JRPG of Square Enix presents us above a new Japanese overview trailer of Project Octopath Traveler. The role-playing game will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 13 July 2018.

 The most important facts about Project Octopath Traveler in brief

The role-playing game, which is a mixture of CG, pixel graphics and visual tricks, take the switch players into a fantasy world. To bring their environment to life, the developers refer to it as “HD-2D” graphics.

Choose from eight heroes with their own talents and goals. The player will have to make many decisions himself, which is the core element of the title. In detail, each character has so-called “path actions” that allow you to interact differently with your environment and other characters within the adventure.

The fights are based on turn-based systems and completely new mechanics such as the Boost system ( the collection of Boost points), which can be used by the player for increased attacks and abilities or for chain attacks.

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